Insights from the Smashing Conference in Barcelona

At Screen Interaction we’re always eager to learn new exciting things, spot trends and share our insights. Rickard Linder, one of our Designers went to the Smashing Conference in Barcelona so we seized the opportunity to ask him about his experiences and takeaways.

Rickard, you visited the Smashing Conference in Barcelona, please tell us a little bit more about the event.

– The event is a place for creatives to meet and greet and at the same time listen to experiences in the world of Design. Overall it’s all about design and that is taken from every angle. Good code, well prepared workshops, great solutions in interaction design, and of course, the visual. It is a whole package deal and no matter what profession you have, you can find something useful for your field of expertise.

What would you say were the top trends discussed during conference?

– There were not so much trends discussed this time. It was rather the improvement of code and the significance of animation and how we work in teams more effectively. If there was any trend, it was that we are tired of doing the same thing on the web. It is time to shake things up.

What do you bring to the everyday life at Screen Interaction?

– I took with me a lot of assurances that we are working in a way at Screen that others want to do. I also had personal reflections and felt that the way I want to work in projects is not so far out there after all :) Also, the web is going to be more creative in the future, more experimental and more about design than ever before.

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