Get to know the Screen team, say hi to Charles Binet.

You've been working here for a long time now.... How come?!

Yes this is true, how come?!! I have never asked myself the question... Does this means I feel great here? I can't see any others explanations... That must be it then, I feel happy here :-) In two and half years, I have progressed so much professionally it feels strange to look back. I progressed in my top skills and gain news ones. I have completely changed my way of thinking over design and technology. How did it happen? I guess it all comes from the diversity of projects that we have, the great colleagues that are around me and all the opportunities that Screen Interaction and it's crazy expansion the past few years have provided.

Can you tell us about a good memory you have of this time?

Hard to pick one... So many great and tiny memories that I would love to share. But, if I had to pick one it would be the Cocohead's meetup we hosted few month ago. Alex Kent and myself presented our current project. It felt super good to share what we do to others. We tackle so many problems daily that it feels a waist to not share some of them. Someone will surely encounter them too... A designer standing beside a developer talking forefront technology and product design felt like a great representation of Screen Interaction ;-)

Could you tell us something that we wouldn’t find out about you from reading your LinkedIn profile?

One of my skills that I don't advertise on LinkedIn is that I am not too bad at games. It is not like I wan't to crush everybody and hate to loose but I like to understand the mechanics behind them. I guess this is why I enjoy being a designer! Fun fact, I am #1 on an iOS game called "binary", come and beat me ;-)

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